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Gao Yao Xinda Synthetic Fiber Limited is subsidiary of the Leahander Group which specializes in the production and distribution of synthetic fiber. Established in 2005, the factory is located in the city of Gao Yao in the Guangdong province, with land area of 65.000 square meters and structural area of 46,000 square meters. The total number of employees is approximately 200, among which 20 of them are professional technicians or middle/upper management, and 30 are quality inspection staffs. Annual production capacity is 8000 tonnes for nylon 6 chips, 15,000 tonnes for FDY, 3,000 tonnes for DTY, and 1000 tonnes for twisted nylon yarn.
Production Flow:
1) CPL --nylon chips -- FDY
2) CPL --nylon chips -- POY -- DTY --twisted yarn
3) CPL -- nylon chips -- colored POY -- colored DTY -- colored twisted yarn
Company Mission:
To establish win-win relationships with our customers by offering products of the highest quality with best services and mutual trust.


Nylon –6POY: 38D/12f、48D/12f、84D/24f(48f、68f)、120D/36f
Nylon –6DTY: 30D/12f、40D/12f、70D/24f(48f、68f)、100D/36f、70D/24fx2
Nylon 6 semi-deull polyethylene terephthalate chips
Nylon 6 semi-dull pp staple fiber

Our products are mainly used in circular knitting, woven fabric, hosiery, sweaters, and covering yarn. To consistently offer the highest quality products for our customer nationwide, Gao Yao Synthetic Fiber Limited is equipped with the most advanced synthetic fiber production equipments imported from abroad, as well as technical know-how from overseas, scientific management, and ISO9001:2000 quality control certification. It is no wonder that our products have continued to win the praise from our customers. We welcome all interested parties from China or abroad to contact us for further development of new products and new business. We hope to serve you in the near future.

Product Overview
Product Overview
Product Overview
Production Equipment
Production Equipment
Production Equipment
Production Equipment
Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance
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